Make Sure You Like the Wine Before You Buy a Bottle

Come enjoy a wide variety of flavors at our tasting room

Have you ever bought a bottle of wine only to be disappointed by the taste? The team at Vojai's Winery knows how you feel. That's why we let you taste our wines before you walk out the door.

You can count on our friendly staff to help you find whatever type of wine you're looking for. Call 580-494-7687 today for more information about our tasting room.

We're not stingy when it comes to our tastings

Some wineries expect you to make a decision after a half-ounce swig of a single wine type. Vojai's Winery is a bit more generous. The state of Oklahoma allows a maximum of 4.5 ounces of wine to be consumed during wine tastings, and you can take advantage of every drop. Get the most out of the tasting process by:

Trying as many varieties as possible
Taking a tour of our winery while you sip
Eating crackers between wines to clear your pallet

Get in touch with us now to learn more about the tasting experience at our winery.