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The team at Vojai's Winery serves masterfully crafted wine

Choose from white wines, red wines and sweet wines. No matter your preference, Vojai's Winery has something for you! Call 580-494-7687 today for more information about our winery.

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Once you visit our winery, you're sure to fall in love with the place. You'll love our complimentary wine tastings.

No reservation is required for our wine tastings. Come on by and we will be happy to serve you on a first come, first served basis. Visit us today!

Vojai's Winery

We want you to happy with your selection of wine. If you're not sure what type of wine you want, talk to one of our bartenders. They'll walk you through the options to make sure you find a variety you'll enjoy. Then you can sit by the fire on our outdoor patio while you savor your selection. Visit us today to experience our winery for yourself.